HYP 2020 Summer Sand Volleyball

Co-Ed Casual and Elite Divisions

Registration opens on Monday, January 20th and ends Friday, May 22nd!
(Late Registration will be on May 21st & 22nd)


The cost to Play:

  • $50.00 per player (Non-Member of HYP)

  • $40.00 per player (Member of HYP)

Receive $5.00 off if you register between (January 20th & January 21st)
A $5.00 late registration fee will be added to your registration on (May 21st & 22nd)


Email sports@hyp.org or call 717-831-0726 for any questions and more information.


Each team can have an unlimited number of team members but must have a minimum of (8) registered players on a team to be considered a team. Players may not be added to a team after registration closes for any reason. If a player is having difficulty registering online, they must contact sports@hyp.org before registration closing to join a team by 11:59 P.M. on March, 15th to be considered.
  • Maximum of (6) players on the court. (4 Males and 2 Females)
  • At least (2) Females always need to be on the court.
  • Teams must have the minimum of 8 players on a team (Free-Agents may be added to a team)
    • ***NO EXCEPTIONS***
  • Casual and Elite Division competition is available on Tuesdays.


  • 7 regular-season games
    • Tuesday, June 16th – Tuesday, July 28th
  • Playoffs for the Elite Division, Bowl-Style games for Casual Division teams:
    • Tuesday, August 4th – Tuesday, August 11th
  • 1st (2) matches to 21 “win by 2 points” and the 3rd match is the first team to 15 points.
  • Game times will be at 6:00 P.M., 6:50 P.M., 7:40 P.M., 8:30 P.M., and 9:20 P.M.
  • Shirts for your whole team (CLICK HERE for color options)
  • Division Champion Trophy (Minor and Major Only)
  • Sand Volleyball courts for play will be held at City Island.
  • Beer / food specials after the game!
  • Season Kickoff Social with the Captains Meeting on Thursday, June 11th – Location TBD.


  • Free Agent: Don’t have a team? This is perfect for you. Let us find you a team. Meet new friends and start building a team for next season.
  • Team Captain: Sign yourself up, create a team name, and start recruiting your players to sign up.  Captains are responsible for communicating important league information to the other players.
  • Player: Sign up for your friend’s team!

*HYP members receive $5 off registration*

League Rules

Click here to view the “2020 HYP Sand Volleyball Rules”


Summer Volleyball League Sponsor / Partner:





Each week after the games have ended, we encourage you to go out and support our sponsor bar for the league and hang out and meet other teams and their players-while wearing your jersey. The team in the league that has the most money spent at the sponsor bar on league days at the end of the season will win a gift card back to the sponsor in the amount of $100.00 from HYP from purchasing drinks and food on game days.

Receipts must be turned in each week to HYP’s Director of Sports and Fitness by email with pictures attached of the receipts at sports@hyp.org.