The HYP Sportsmanship Policy applies to all HYP sporting events, leagues, tournaments, or pickup games and is strictly enforced.

This policy has been written and approved by Harrisburg Young Professionals Sports and Fitness Committee and its Executive Board to help maintain a healthy balance between sportsmanship, gamesmanship, and the safety of individuals who are involved with the sporting event (Athletes, Game Officials, Spectators, and Volunteers). Sportsmanship is the most important aspect of Harrisburg Young Professional Sports Leagues. – Unique to HYP is its goal to create a fun atmosphere for all athletic levels and abilities.

“ZERO TOLERANCE” for Dissent and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Harrisburg Young Professionals, by this document, will be enforcing a “Zero Tolerance Policy”. The following is intended to outline the penalties for failing to comply with the premise of this policy with game officials, volunteer supervisors, and the Sports and Fitness Coordinator:

Any athlete, spectator, or game official violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Executive Board of Harrisburg Young Professionals. Disciplinary action may include:

  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Permanent expulsion of an individual, team, or game official for one year for all HYP Sports.

(Dissent) includes, but is not limited to:

  • Questioning a game official call by a Non-Captain. (Captains talk to opponent Captain first, before confronting game official on an issue).
  • Voicing excessive displeasure with a call in a manner that can be heard by game officials, athletes, and spectators.

(Unsportsmanship) includes, but is not limited to:

  • All actions, behavior, and language deemed to be inappropriate by and in accordance with Rules of Fair Play and the Spirit of the Game.


  • The team captain is responsible for aiding in controlling all teammates and team followers to conduct, and to represent his/her team as a spokesperson in the case of appeals to the field/court game officials during game-play.
  • The team captain has the responsibility to inform all teammates about the HYP Sportsmanship Policy, sport(s) rules, and the Athlete and Spectator Code of Conduct enforced for the sport(s) the team is participating in.
  • The team captain has the responsibility to inform the game official/Court or Field Supervisor the name and jersey # of his/her teammate who received a warning or an ejection for documentation. If no name is given to the Sports & Fitness Coordinator, the team will forfeit each next scheduled game until a name is received by the team captain.


  • All athletes are responsible for reading and reviewing the HYP Sportsmanship Policy, HYP Athlete & Spectator Code of Conduct, and rules of the sport they are participating in.
  • An athlete has the responsibility to respect the game, play fair and follow the rules set forth by HYP.
  • Show compliance with the authority of game officials, Sports and Fitness Coordinator, and HYP Staff/Volunteers as they will do the same.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game.
  • Respect the use of HYP sports facilities that are rented and equipment (Dodgeball, Kickballs, Footballs, Cones, etc.)


All game officials, approved volunteer supervisors, Sports and Fitness Committee Co-Chairs, and the Director of Sports and Fitness can give warnings, unsportsmanlike conduct, and ejections for the safety of everyone involved.

  • Warning- Game Officials may give out a warning to players on teams as a pre-caution of stopping what they me doing that may be not gamesmanship. An Unsportsmanlike Conduct Infraction or an Ejection may be given for continuing to act in an unsportsmanlike manner.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct Infraction– An athlete may be subject to an unsportsmanlike conduct infraction for acts such as inappropriate language, touching, gestures, or behavior, persistently arguing with game officials, deliberately attempting to injure an athlete on the opposing team, taunting, arguing with the opposing team, or any other action that a game official may deem to be unsportsmanlike.
    • When an unsportsmanlike conduct infraction is issued, the infraction will be continued for the remainder of the day.
    • When an unsportsmanlike conduct infraction is issued to an athlete, the captain or co-captain will receive a warning too. (Co-Captain represents if the captain is not present or was ejected).

(Team captains should report any issues involving opponents to 1) Opponents Captain first 2) then to game officials, and let them take appropriate action!)

  • Ejection– (Verbal-Red Card) An athlete DOES NOT need to have a warning or an unsportsmanlike conduct infraction called before an ejection. An athlete is eligible for an ejection if the behavior is deemed violent, threatening, harassing, and inappropriate prior, during, or after a game. (If an athlete is ejected from a contest, he/she will be removed and must leave the premises of the facility immediately.)
    • If an athlete on a team receives an unsportsmanlike conduct infraction it will continue with the team for the rest of the season.
    • If a team or athlete receives (2) unsportsmanlike conduct infractions throughout the season, the captain will be suspended for (1) game. (Ex: Player A (unsportsmanlike conduct infraction-Week 1) + Player B (unsportsmanlike conduct infraction -Week 4) = (Team Captain suspended for Week 5)


  1. All unsportsmanlike conduct infractions and ejections of HYP Sports Leagues will be recorded by game officials or Court/Field Supervisors and will give the name of the individual(s) and the athlete(s) number to the Director of Sports and Fitness following the games for the day.
  2. The Director of Sports and Fitness will follow-up with a report from the game official(s) about the incident that occurred.
  3. Once the report is finalized, the Director of Sports and Fitness will contact “both team captains” who were playing during this time to get their facts. (Captains will have up to 24 hours to respond following the email from the Director of Sports and Fitness to hear what occurred)
  4. Finally, once all the reports are communicated from game officials and team captains then the Sports and Fitness Committee will review the incident and facts to formulate a report for HYP’s Executive Board.
  5. The Director of Sports and Fitness will inform the team captain through email or phone about the final verdict that HYP’s Executive Board has chosen to depend on the incident, which may result in probation, suspension, or permanent expulsion of the individual(s), team, or game officials for one year for all HYP Sports.


  1. Depending on the verdict by HYP’s Executive Board, teams may not use “sub-athletes” while athletes who are non-active during their probation, suspension, or permanent expulsion for the season. (If you have a suspended athlete, teams simply cannot use sub athletes to fill those spots)
  2. A required roster check will be issued to the team who received an ejection in the previous game for every future game until the ineligible athlete(s) returns to play following their suspension.
  3. If the sport has numbers on athlete’s jerseys, the number of suspended athlete(s) will be ineligible to participate and may result in a forfeit if participating in the competition.
  4. If a suspended athlete(s) chooses to participate in a game while suspended, the athlete’s team will forfeit the game with the score stating in each sport(s) rule. The suspended athlete(s) and captains will be subject to more penalties.

IMPORTANT: An athlete who receives an ejection at the last scheduled game of the season will carry the suspension into the first scheduled game of the next season of the next sport the individual participates in.


  1. All ejections can be appealed and MUST BE SUBMIT AN EMAIL APPEAL BY THE TEAM CAPTAIN to within 24 hours of the infraction. (Explain the incident and reason of the appeal- “Email cannot come from athletes(s) who received the ejection”).
  2. A decision of a game official(s) or Court/Field Volunteer Supervisor’s, Sports and Fitness Committee Co-Chairs, and the Director of Sports and Fitness to remove a player from the current game, or next scheduled game is not appealable.
  3. Teams cannot challenge a call by game officials once a game is completed. Once the game is completed then the game stands and no calls can be reversed. If the suspension is related to a sports rule it may not be appealed.
  4. No refunds will be issued for warnings and suspended play (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Unacceptable Behaviors:        

  • Verbal or physical abuse of an opponent, volunteers, game officials, athletes or spectators.
    • Fighting or violence before, during, or after a game.
    • Taunting or trash talking
    • Use of profanity or another disrespectful language
    • Questioning, disagreeing or harassing game officials in an unprofessional manner
    • Booing a game official’s call
    • Blaming loss of game on game officials
  • Use of alcohol at facilities that HYP rent as it is the Rental Policy
  • Other actions that may be unsportsmanlike to athletes, game officials, spectators, and approved volunteers.

Acceptable (Expected) Behaviors:

  • Congratulating teammates and opponents for effort and excellent performances
  • Shaking hands with opponents and thanking game officials before and after games
  • Treat competition as a “GAME” instead of a “WAR”
  • Show concern for an injured athlete, regardless of team
  • Accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity
  • Any other actions that may show sportsmanship to athletes, game officials, spectators, and approved volunteers.

Game Jersey Policy:

  • All athletes must wear their 2019 HYP sports jersey to ensure proper sponsorship of our sponsors and to keeps games fair to keep track of athletes who are currently registered for the sport. (Game Officials or Supervisors will not allow players to play unless they show proof of registration with a form of ID or social media with the approval of game officials or supervisors checking their rosters).