The new HYP Ski/Snowboarding Club is a group devoted to individuals who may be learning how to ski/snowboard or for others who want to come out with friends, family members, or co-workers to have a great time on the mountain. The HYP Ski/Snowboarding Club is open to winter enthusiasts of all levels looking for an affordable way to ski and snowboard! 

Information about the Ski/Snowboarding Club:

Email  to find out more information about registering for the club. Individuals must be an HYP Member to register for the Ski/Snowboard Club, as HYP’s Sports and Fitness Coordinator will contact you back and provide you the correct information. “CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER” The HYP Ski/Snowboarding Club member will be skiing at Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort (925 Roundtop Rd, Lewisberry, PA 17339).

  • Go to  and select the link to purchase your Night Club Card.
  • Be prepared to upload a photo (should be a shot of head and neck only without sunglasses or hat) and complete the online release form.  If you do, your card will be mailed and no waiting in line at Roundtop!  
  • HYP will provide you with the Club ID # and password for registering.

HYP Ski/Snowboarding Club members will meet at a location on certain dates and carpool together throughout the winter season. (More information will be provided once registered). Members are allowed to ski and snowboard whenever they want to during the directed time that Ski Roundtop has provided.

Finances of becoming a Member:

Package:                                            (Before 11/7/17)          (After 11/7/17)

Lift Only-                                                       $189.00                             $214.00

Lift Only w/Advantage-                           $214.00                             $239.00

Lift/Lesson-                                                   $234.00                             $259.00

Lift/Lesson w/Advantage-                      $259.00                             $284.00

Lift/Lesson/Rental-                                    $279.00                             $304.00

Lift/Lesson/Rental w/Advantage-        $304.00                             $329.00

Night Season Pass-                                       $259.00                             $359.00

(Prices are listed above as Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort authorizes those prices)

Card Hours and Details:

Night Club Card: Valid starting January 2nd, receive unlimited skiing from 4pm-10pm Monday-Saturday and 3pm-1pm Sunday.  Option to add a lesson, rental and Advantage Card (saves 40% pre-Jan 2nd and on daytime visits).

Season Pass: unlimited skiing anytime.  

Night Season Pass: Valid 4:00-10:00 P.M. every day all season.  No option to add rental, lesson, or Advantage Card.

4-Visit Card: Valid starting January 2nd, 2018 and only at Roundtop. 4 tickets valid from 4:00-10:00 P.M. (3:00 P.M. Sunday) or for a 4-hour flex ticket other times.  Option to add a lesson, rental, and Advantage Card.