Facts, Answers, Questions, and Policies for New and Current HYP Athletes

Did you know that HYP Sports Leagues is one of nine committees of Harrisburg Young Professionals?

That is correct! Sports play a significant impact in the HYP organization, but it is the other eight committees that help Harrisburg a better place to live, work, and play. Those panels consist of Arts & Culture, City Living, City Beautification, Economic Development, Marketing & Public Relations, Membership, Outreach, and Social Committee. Being part of sports is awesome, but being part of other committees will help yourself explore your other skills and to help others!

What is Harrisburg Young Professional Mission and Vision:

Discovered in 1998, HYP catalyzes making Harrisburg a better place to live, work and play, while developing and retaining future leaders. Harrisburg Young Professionals (HYP) is a group of young, active, civic-minded professionals who have a clear vision of Harrisburg’s future as a great place to live, work and play. We are part of a movement that is breathing new life into urban areas and lessening the negative impact of suburban sprawl. We also work to prevent the migration of educated young people to larger cities (often referred to as “brain drain”) and to encourage those who have left to return to the Central Pennsylvania region.

How does HYP Sports League support the HYP’s mission and vision?

HYP Sports Leagues directly ties together with the Harrisburg Young Professionals mission and vision with its social gatherings and the Harrisburg community development initiatives. HYP’s Sports leagues strive to connect athletes in a social, dynamic, fun, safe, and competitive atmosphere and encourage relationship building among all athletes, volunteers, and game officials. Being an athlete of HYP is more than simply playing a game each week, it is pursuing the passion that you once used to experience with competition, teamwork, and physical capabilities. Yes, during your tenure of playing HYP Sports, you will meet new individuals who pursue the same desire as you do and discover diverse athletic abilities. Our athletes, volunteers, and members are what helps strengthen Harrisburg and make it a better place to live, work, and play!

What else does HYP Sports Leagues and Harrisburg Young Professionals do?

The best way to be involved with HYP is merely lent a helping hand! HYP offers events on a weekly basis throughout the year, no matter if it is sporting events, socials, committee meeting, and many other great activities! HYP offers several benefits and new social networking, civic engagement, and community development programming. In addition to HYP Sports Leagues, it offers a Sports and Fitness Committee to be involved with. Wait I thought HYP is just about competitive sports? No, in fact, the Sports and Fitness Committee is composed of the Sports and Fitness Coordinator and two or three Co-Chair volunteers who help plan, evaluate, and enhance our sports and fitness events throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to help volunteer and come out to their monthly meetings that usually will take place at a current sport sponsored bar. Please email sports@hyp.org if you would like to get involved, plus this will help yourself put activities on your resumes that you were involved with!


Free-Agency Policy:

All athletes are welcome to participate in HYP Sports Leagues, no matter if you are new to the Harrisburg area and you do not know anyone. You do not have to be an HYP Member to participate in our leagues but will need to pay a fee to participate in our organized sports leagues. When you register as a Free-Agent, it is not guaranteed that you will be placed on a team. Registering as a Free-Agent will qualify you to participate in all divisions of play. If a team needs an athlete, the captain of the team will either reach out to HYP’s Sports and Fitness Coordinator to inform them how many Free-Agents they may require. When registering as a Free-Agent, you may be placed onto a Rookie, Minor, or Major Division team. An email will be sent out to team captains and Free-Agents following registration to construct placement of Free-Agents successfully.

*Please note that Harrisburg Young Professionals will do its best, we cannot guarantee placement on a team or division of your preference; as we cannot control the needs of captains as their teams may be full of capacity and are not interested in any extra players. Free-Agents are very valuable athletes for teams who need athletes on their teams as athletes go on vacation or may not be able to attend games when things may come up.

Team Name Policy

Harrisburg Young Professionals is committed to assuring that its sports leagues are free from discriminatory, inappropriate, and disrespectful conduct or communication; therefore, we reserve the right to disallow any team name that we feel may be unacceptable due to a racial, sexual, or is otherwise degrading in nature. We ask that you remain mindful of this commitment when deciding on a team name as your team name may be advertised. HYP will not tolerate racist, sexist, sexual innuendo, or otherwise inappropriate, demeaning, and offensive team names.

Game Jersey Color Request

Captains of teams are welcome to email sports@hyp.org to request a color for their jersey’s for the season. This will be a first come, first serve basis. If you do not request a jersey color, then your team will be randomly selected with a color.

Requesting to Play or Not Play an Opponent

If you are a captain and you are interested in requesting to play or not play an opponent that may have other friends or enemies on during the next registered sport, please email sports@hyp.org to make this request to the Sports and Fitness Coordinator can accommodate your schedule before the season starts. Teams seeking to play an opponent during the Regular Season or Post-Season will not be allowed. If you have rivalries or enemies that you would like or would not like to play each season, please be sure to request it before the season begins.

Requesting a Game Off Policy

If you know your team cannot make a game on a specified date throughout the season, you must contact sports@hyp.org to request that day off so your schedule can be accommodated before the schedule being released. Weddings, holidays, family events, etc. do occur, and it will be best to inform HYP before the season begins. If an event occurs during the season, your game may result in a forfeit or, depending on the agreement with your opponent it may be rescheduled to a future date.

Requesting a Game Time Change Policy

If your team cannot make the scheduled game time that is on your schedule, it is important to contact sports@hyp.org to see if you can get your game moved to another time. If this does occur, your opponent will receive an email asking for the request, but it can either be accepted or declined by the captain to reschedule the time of your game.

  • All Playoffs and Bowl Game dates and times are final and cannot be changed. Teams are informed before the season starts about the dates of games and times for playoffs and bowl games.

Forfeit Policy:

If you are a team that forfeits 2 games during the Regular Season, then your team will be ineligible for Playoffs. If you forfeit more than 3 games during the entire season, then the Sports and Fitness Committee has the right to remove your team from the league.

Age limit and Coed Sports League

If you are over the age of 18, you can participate in our sports league! No matter if you are 30, 60, or 90 years young you are welcome to take part in our leagues! All our sports leagues are coed, so please go ahead and register all of your male and female friends, co-workers, and family members!

Registering for Several Teams

It is highly encouraged to play on as many teams you would like too. You will have the opportunity to play more games and socialize with all your friends on other teams. When registering, you will need to create different accounts on Cogran to register onto different teams. Please note that it’s hard to create schedules to accommodate athletes who play on several teams.

If a team has several athletes who play on the same team, it will be up to the team to decide what team they will want to play for when a game is scheduled. It is challenging to create a schedule when there are athletes who play on several teams, as it would be best for you to choose what team you would like to participate with on a weekly basis. Harrisburg Young Professionals will not be held responsible for an athlete not being able to play on all of their teams that they registered for, as it will be the athlete’s responsibility to accommodate their schedules and who they want to play on. If you can play other teams on the same night at different times and locations, that is great and encouraged to do so!

No refunds will be allowed to players who ask for their money back if they play on two or more teams due to their schedule not working out as players are aware that scheduling conflicts may occur throughout the season before registering. (Example: It is difficult to schedule 40 players who all play on 3 or 3 different teams and divisions as it is even more difficult when 6 individuals all play on the same team together, but each of them all plays on a 2nd team separately.

If you have 2 teams that are made up of the same athletes, please contact sports@hyp.org to make sure the schedule is not made between each other before the season begins. The schedule will not be changed to accommodate both teams if they have the same athletes playing on both teams. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Refund Policy

No refunds, credits, vouchers, or transfers to a future season, will be given (no matter the circumstances).

Only refunds will be awarded to players who will help volunteer for half of the season with supervising, preparing fields, and taking sports equipment to sporting events.

Paying for Registration Policy

All sports registrations must be paid by a Debit or Credit Card or by check if it is an invoice presented to an organization or business. CASH will NOT be accepted for registration. 

Who decides if a game is canceled or postponed once it starts?

Once a game begins it is up to the game officials and Director of Sports and Fitness to decide when a game should be called. The Director of Sports and Fitness and game officials have been instructed to use their best judgment to call a game once the playing field or outdoors becomes dangerous to continue. Once lightning is seen, athletes will be told to leave the premises, and the Sports and Fitness Coordinator will reach out to captains via email to inform them about future makeup games. Depending on the rules of the sport for each sport, games that will be made up at a future date and will start from the beginning with the score 0-0. This policy will allow teams to get more game action and will allow refreshing from the canceled game. Please “like” our Harrisburg Young Professionals Facebook page to look for updates for game cancellations as teams will know by 4:30 P.M. of week games or by 8:00 A.M. on weekends.

Game Ejection Policy

All game ejections are reviewed by the HYP Sports and Fitness Committee and Executive Board. The Sports and Fitness Coordinator will investigate that actions of all parties involved to ensure the proper course is taken to inform HYP’s E-Board. The Sports and Fitness Coordinator will contact the captains involved in the incident to inform them about the consequences that the HYP Executive Board has issued.

Alcohol Policy at Sporting Events

Harrisburg Young Professionals does not tolerate any alcohol consumption at any athletic venues. Individuals who participate in HYP Sports must be over the age of 18 and under the state law of Pennsylvania the minimum age to purchase, consume or possess alcoholic beverages 21 years. It is illegal to furnish or serve alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21. The law prohibits carrying or consuming alcoholic beverages in open containers outdoors on public property, regardless of a person’s age. HYP signs/agrees to the contracts with venues and must follow all of their policies and have the procession of alcohol may risk the organization for losing those facilities. Family members and children are also spectators of these sports, and it is appropriate to keep everything professional. This is why HYP gets a sponsor bar for their athletes to go to the bar after games. Athletes can enjoy the game without alcohol, and it is called: competition, socializing, and simply having fun with sports we play.

Feedback and Questions:

Please understand that HYP is willing to work with teams, athletes, and captains if you have any questions, concerns, or anything you may be wondering. It is preferred in a season of play the captains reach out to the Sports and Fitness Committee with any questions or concerns. We want HYP Sports League to work for both of us so the better you communicate, the better we can enhance our sports leagues! Please email sports@hyp.org or call the HYP office at 717-831-0726 for clarification, with feedback, or with questions!


Do I need to sign a Waiver and Sportsmanship Policy?

Yes, all athletes and game officials must sign the HYP Sports Leagues Waiver and Sportsmanship Policy before participating. The waiver and sportsmanship policy are a requirement while registering, but if you would like a PDF copy of our waiver, please email our Sports and Fitness Coordinator at sports@hyp.org, and he/she will be happy to assist you

The score on the website is incorrect from my team’s game. Can this be fixed?

If you and your team feel as if a score is listed incorrectly on our website, please email the Sports and Fitness Coordinator at sports@hyp.org. We will investigate and correct any errors. It is recommended to check the final score with game officials, as they will be the individuals submitting the scores depending on which sport.

Captains will have up to 48 hours to report an incorrect score once they are published. If the score is incorrect following the 48 hours, then the game is final and cannot be changed.

Captains Contact Information:

If you are a captain of a team and registered with your information providing an email or phone number that you do not use daily (work email or office phone number), please be sure to contact the Sports and Fitness Coordinator to inform them with your correct information that can be convenient for you and your team. To make aspects of the league run smoothly, sometimes an email or phone call is the quickest way to get a hold of a captain. Teams do forfeit at random times of the day or questions need to be asked to a captain about issues or solutions and HYP needs to have reliable contact information of captains, so they can inform their teams.

Can my team use subs?

Yes, only during the Regular Season teams can have only a maximum of (1-2) subs on their teams if your team does not meet the minimum number of players need per sport. Subs consist of athletes who registered to play in the current HYP sport for the season and maybe playing on other teams. Subs are not allowed to play during Playoffs. To check out our sub-rules, please see our rules for each sport. Sub athletes cannot be used on a team if your team has a suspended athlete.

Game Jersey Policy:

All athletes must wear their 2018 HYP sports jersey to ensure proper sponsorship of our sponsors and to keeps games fair to keep track of athletes who are currently registered for the sport. (If an athlete is not wearing their 2018 HYP jersey, they can still play if they show their ID (Social Media cannot be used) to game officials or Supervisor PRIOR to the game for proof of registration).

Game Ending Early Policy:

Game Officials have the authority to stop a game due to teams and spectators not following the HYP Sportsmanship Policy and Code of Conduct. A final score will be reported, but both teams will receive a tie in the standings.