(This information is confidential- for organization information only)

  • This form should ONLY be completed by the captain of the team

Please click “here” to download and fill out the evaluation about game officials.

Once completed, please email this copy to HYP’s Sports and Fitness Coordinator at sports@hyp.org 

Once reviewed by HYP’s Sports and Fitness Coordinator, they will review it with the Head Game Officials Coordinator to give all of the information that was provided to the game officials who were evaluated.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assist a game official(s) in improving their game.  It is beneficial in that it provides an external view from which they can assess their own game considering the evaluator’s comments. 

In order to be effective, it must be positive and constructive, and it must contain some detailed written comments.  A score alone provides no meaning unless it is backed up with appropriate written comments.