Harrisburg Young Professionals is committed to continuing to make Harrisburg a better place to live, work, and play while developing and retaining future leaders. As a participant in HYP Sports Leagues, you will represent yourself, your family, the city of Harrisburg, your employer, your team, and HYP.  Our Sports Leagues are a great opportunity for participants to socialize with friends, network with other athletes, enjoy a family atmosphere, and be competitive, but mostly to have fun. The HYP Athlete and Spectator Code of Conduct have been established to ensure safety for our athletes, game officials, and families throughout each season of HYP Sports.

All spectators and athletes are expected to: 

  • Follow the rules applicable for each sport.
  • Adhere to the HYP Sportsmanship Policy and HYP Athlete and Spectator Code of Conduct Policy. 
  • Represent HYP in a positive light in all aspects-including all forms of social media. 
  • Respect teammates, opponents, game officials, and spectators. 
  • Refrain from any use of obscene or abusive language, gestures, or behavior. 
  • Stay clear of the athletic perimeter while the game is in action to prevent injury(s).
  • Be a professional and have fun-remember who you represent! 

Prohibited items or individuals at sporting facilities: 

  • Drugs & Alcohol, this policy is enforced by the facility contract that HYP must obey for sports rental usage. 
  • Any other item or action deemed dangerous, illegal, or inappropriate. 
  • Past players who have been suspended/banned from HYP Sports Leagues during their probation period.


  • Once an athlete or spectator is informed to leave an HYP sports field, court, or stands, he/she/they must leave the premises permanently for that current event. 
  • Should an athlete be found with prohibited items on an HYP sports venue or in the stands, the athlete may be asked to remove the prohibited items or to leave the premises.  
  • Incidents will be documented by an HYP Representative, Field/Court Volunteer Supervisor, game officials, or Sports & Fitness Committee, and HYP’s Board of Directors. 

The Court/Facility Volunteer, Sports & Fitness Committee, game officials, HYP Employees, or HYP’s Board of Directors will have the authority to remove an athlete or spectator from the premises of an HYP sporting event for having any of the above items. If an individual does not obey authority, local authorities may be contacted.