The City Living Committee works to plan, organize, and execute a variety of projects in the City of Harrisburg. The committee began in 1998 as it worked with PennDOT, PA Department of General Services, the City of Harrisburg and other community organizations to plant trees and shrubs in the median of Forster Street between Second and Seventh Streets and began the iconic HYP Hour Tour. The committee continues to work with local organizations to further HYP’s efforts to make Harrisburg a more beautiful city.

The Living Committee plans, promotes, organizes and executes projects throughout the City of Harrisburg. This committee is responsible for executing Forester Street Clean-up and the annual Home Tour, and highlights residences, apartments, shops, restaurants, and all the great things that make city living intriguing. The committee also works to facilitate awareness and education of home buying and living in an urban setting.

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2023 Committee Chairs: Alyssa Massaro and Liz Russoli