How do I join HYP?

It’s easy! Simply register online and select the membership option that best suits your interests. We’ll be in touch shortly afterwards to explain your member benefits and invite you to our next New Member Social.

I’m a member of HYP, but I’m not as involved as I’d like to be. What can I do?

HYP has 9 committees that are run by friendly, dedicated HYP members. We encourage you to take a look and select the committee that is most interesting to you. Just email the committee chairs and join them at their next committee meeting. HYP committees gladly accept new members year-round.

Is there an age limit associated with an HYP Membership?

No! While the average age of an HYP member is between 24-38, our membership has no age limit. We welcome everyone to become lifetime members.

I’m interested in learning more about HYP. Do you have an event specifically for new or interested members?

Yes! Each month HYP hosts a New Member Social to welcome new members into the organization and provide more information on how to get involved. New Member Socials are listed in the HYP calendar, and are held on the 3rd Monday of the month. RSVP to to attend.

How do I reset the password for my HYP Dashboard?

Visit and click the “forgot password” link to reset your password.