HARRISBURG, Pa. (09/28/2023) –  This year saw the largest of Harrisburg Young Professionals’ (HYP) iconic event: Home Tour. With nearly 40 homes and businesses featured, attendees were able to experience the very best of city living and the wonderful historical elements of the Midtown neighborhood.

President Olivia Edwards Rindfuss states, “HYP’s 23rd Annual Home Tour highlights HYP’s longstanding commitment to revitalizing Harrisburg through community building. This event is truly special, as we share neighborly hospitality and appreciation for each unique home and business.” City Living Co-Chair Alyssa Tofani states, “Home Tour is a wonderful opportunity for members of our community to explore their own backyards! Each home contains its own charm, character, and history that proves how beautiful and unique our city really is. It is an honor to help facilitate this iconic event and be a part of HYP!” 

Sponsored by Midtown Property Management, Home Tour raises funds to support HYP’s Home in the City Program. This grant program was created as a joint venture between HYP, Harrisburg 2020, and the Harrisburg Chamber & CREDC. Proceeds from the event, as well as donations from local business leaders, provide $1,000 grants to first-time home buyers in the city of Harrisburg. The Midtown Home Tour raised 14K for the grant program this year. To date, the organization has granted $85,000 to HYP Members throughout the City of Harrisburg. 

HYP has awarded two grants in 2023 thus far, with rolling applications accepted through the end of the calendar year. The organization also hosts first-time homebuying seminars to educate young people about the unique benefits of being a homeowner in the city. HYP will continue to highlight cornerstones of city living, further bolstering our mission to recruit and retain young professionals in Harrisburg.

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