Harrisburg Young Professionals Founding Members and Leadership Recognize Mayor Reed

In response to the news of former Mayor Reed’s passing, Harrisburg Young Professionals has released the following statements from its leadership and founding members: 

Renée Custer, HYP President: “During my time as Executive Director of HYP, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Mayor Reed. Even when he no longer held the office of Mayor of Harrisburg, his commitment to the City and the mission of HYP was profound. We were fortunate to have his guidance and leadership in all aspects of the work of HYP, and we honor his memory in all we continue to do in our City.”  

David La Torre, former HYP president: “In the early 2000s, HYP was undergoing a transition and struggling for members. Mayor Reed wouldn’t give up on us. He was our biggest benefactor because he understood one of the keys to Harrisburg’s revitalization was attracting young professionals — and we could throw a good party. The Harrisburg Young Professionals don’t exist without him — just like Harrisburg University, Harrisburg Hilton & Towers, and the Harrisburg Senators. Steve Reed was cool, and he was our mayor. Thank you, Mr. Mayor. For everything.”

Greg Rothman, founding HYP member: “From our first meeting with Mayor Reed he was fully committed, always supportive and offered the full force of his Administration to help HYP. Other than John Harris, no single person has ever or could ever do as much as he did for our city. His legacy lives on not just in buildings, schools and sports teams, but in the spirit of the next generations he inspired to civic and community pride and service.”

Eric Morrison, founding HYP member: “Mayor Reed embraced HYP from the outset.  He strongly believed in our “brain gain” initiative and mission to make the city of Harrisburg a better place to live, work and play. He was HYP’s biggest champion. His unwavering support of our fledgling organization gave HYP the credibility it desperately needed to become a powerful force of positive and impactful change in our community.  HYP’s amazing success is a clear testament to Mayor Reed’s tireless and profound leadership of the City of Harrisburg.” 

Joe Massaro, founding HYP member: “Mayor Reed’s vision for our Capital City continues to inspire professionals of all ages to this day. Through HYP, we aspire to honor his memory by being an integral part of Harrisburg’s continued growth.”

HYP thanks Mayor Reed for his efforts in revitalizing the city of Harrisburg, and his support in growing our organization during his time as Mayor. HYP offers its sympathies to his friends and family.

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Harrisburg Young Professionals (HYP) is a group of young, active, civic-minded professionals who have a clear vision of Harrisburg’s future as a great place to live, work and play. We are part of a movement that is breathing new life into urban areas and lessening the negative impact of suburban sprawl. We also work to prevent the migration of educated young people to larger cities (often referred to as “brain drain”) and to encourage those who have left to return to the Central Pennsylvania region.

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