MakerShift – May 6th – A Celebration of Makers in Midtown

MakerShift is a celebration of Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) ” makers ” of all ages through out the Capital Region. The event highlights the creative work of amateurs who are tinkering with low-high tech too ls (Eg. Drones, Virtual Reality, 3D printing) to learn an d create for the love of it. Th i s event explores the impact that Science, Technology , Engineering, Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) i s making on 21st Century life and work through a variety of lightning talks and demonstrations.

MakerShift 2017 w ill be held between 9AM – 3PM on Saturday, May 6th.



MakerShift will b e held in Midtown Harrisburg at the following venues:

• Startup HBG: Technology Venue

• Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HM AC): Engineering Venue

• Historic Harrisburg Association(HHA): Math Venue

• Midtown Scholar Bookstore and Cafe: Science Venue

• Susquehanna Arts Museum (SAM): Arts Venue

• Broad Street Market: General Venue
S .T.E.A.M. is q uickly changing the landscape of education and industry. While the D.I.Y. and Maker Movement has received national attention for how it is transforming life, learning and work it is still largely unknown to the general public. MakerShift aims to both lift up the creativity of Makers in Central PA and shift the collective conversations to more fully explore the impact of
S.T.E .A.M. on 21st Century life and work.

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