Winning is not what matters, having fun is what matters!

Harrisburg University of Sciences and Technology students represents themselves as young scholarly professionals out on the court to simply have fun.

Written by, Kyle S. Wasilkowski (Sports & Fitness Coordinator)


Getting together with a bunch of friends for some dodgeball can be a great time to break away from your normal 9-5. However, when your local university doesn’t have any athletic activities for you and your friends to do, where do you look?

One group of players decided to turn to Harrisburg Young Professionals Dodgeball league for that fun outlet. Recently, I met with the Harrisburg University of Sciences and Technology team which consisted of 20 talented individuals: Jeremy Barton, Alison Bernard, Freddy Biayl, Jordan Brown, Chad Chu, Julisa Fajardo, Mamuice Freeman, Sherine Graham, Nicholas Green, Stephen Jackson, Trevor Jacoby, Courtney Johnson, Adrian Jones, RaNaja Kennedy, Taylor Miller, Donyae Powell, Karon Scott, Aigner Smith, Omar Sterling, and Kemar Young.

Karon Scott, a student and President of the Athletic Club mentioned, “We do not have sports within our institution, but we are making a bigger impact, especially to our freshman to join our team to participate in sports for HYP.” Scott said, “We even have buses from our college to take us to games and plus we get a crowd of students that come with to cheer us on for the night.”

This dodgeball unit ranges in different athletic abilities and play in the Competitive League, other teams may use secret strategies to beat their components. Yes, this division is very competitive with winning as the main priority. It is a different priority for these young scholars which is to go out on the court to give their 110% effort and to simply have fun.

“Even though our team is one of the youngest groups in the leagues, we want to see HYP help increase the opportunity for other local college students to join the sports that HYP offers with an addition of more sports in the future,” Scott said. “As other businesses/organization offer similar activities for individuals to participate in, I personally believe HYP offers the best quality and is the most organized.”

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